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 Happy Homes Reverse Osmosis Systems

In India, purity water is one of the major worries of every common person. Be it supplied through the urban municipality corporation or the private vendors, the disease carrying germs and molecules other than H2O, seldom creates life hazards in every common household. Normal water treatment plants, although make use of filtering processes, Ultra-violet or Electronic boiling systems, some of major concerns still remain unchallenged. These are:

  • Non-removal of soluble impurities including metallic and other chemical contents
  • Non-removal of water hardness
  • Deactivation and not destruction of bacteria and viruses

The solution is a Happy Homes RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier system. Happy Homes RO systems purify normal supply-water or ground water to the safest and the clearest form. Through Reverse Osmosis system, all chemicals and unwanted molecules are removed, bacteria and viruses are killed, water is filtered at micro-level and finally we get the healthiest form for human consumption.

Home and Light-Supply RO models

In the Reverse Osmosis process, water is forced through a semi-permeable Membrane using high pressure. The membrane is designed precisely to allow only the H2O molecules. This process actually removes all other molecules including the impurities and germs. The pure water that comes out is than collected in a container and is available for consumption.

The Happy Homes RO Water purifiers primarily do the following:

  • Remove all bacteria and viruses with the RO Membrane whose pore-size is below 0.0001 micron.
  • Remove all soluble and insoluble minerals, metallic molecules, chemical compounds
  • Turn hard water into sweet and pure drinking water
Commercial and Heavy-duty RO Systems
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